KZN Beagles, Scent hunt dates 2016

Wow – I cant believe that the 2016 KZN beagles Scent hunt season is about to start!  This will be the 5th year we are holding these “hunts” in KZN – and every year we have new hounds joining our pack.

Scent hunts are an amazing and fun way for your beagles to do what comes naturally to them – sniffing out scents and running like crazy – and it is great fun for us humans too.

The KZN scent hunts are held at two different locations so we have a variety of terrain for our hounds to run on.  One is in the Midlands in beautiful Dargle at Hillhouse Accommodation(also pet friendly if you would like to stay over, or there are many other pet friendly places to stay in the area if they are full), and the second is on Fairview Farm on the Oribi Flats inland from Port Shepstone.

the “hunts” start at 08:00 and will be finished at about 11:00, afterwhich we generally have a quick social.  At each “hunt” we lay 5 lines of between 500m to 1km each using a very stinky bag of pilchards as the scent.  The hounds stay at the start line while the Hunt Master and his team lay the line.  Once the signal is given, the hounds are released and follow the pilchard scent to the end of the line where they are placed and put back on their leads.  Their reward at the end of the hunt is to get to eat the bag of pilchards – yum!

In order to participate in the hunts your beagle will need:  a race number, a race bib, a collar and lead, up to date vaccinations (rabies and kennel cough are non-negotiable), a water bowl and water.

Race numbers are issued by Karen Carlton-Shields.  You can contact her at, and bibs can be ordered from Tanya on this website(unless you are adventurous enough to make your own!)

We hope to see you all soon.

“Hunt” dates and venues for 2016 are as follows:

 17 April 2016 Fairview Farm Oribi Flats, South Coast
22 May 2016 Fairview Farm Oribi Flats, South Coast
12 June 2016 Hill House Dargle, Midlands
17 July 2016 Hill House Dargle, Midlands
7 August2016 Hill House Dargle, Midlands
11 September 2016 Fairview Farm Oribi Flats, South Coast
9 October 2016 TBA Prizegiving

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  1. Rae-Ann says:


    Who can I contact icw Beagle hunts in Gauteng? Please can you send me a number?


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    I too would love to know about any hunts happening in and around Gauteng.
    Please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks so much

  3. Michelle Labuschagne says:


    I would also like to find out more about hunts in Gauteng!

    Please and thank you!

    Kind regards

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