Beagle Welfare as MySchool Beneficiary



So we are nearly there, we have been provisionally accepted as a My School Card Beneficiary


All we need now is 50 people to complete the attached application form.


If you already have a card please select change beneficiary, if you don’t have a card select New card.


You can have up to 3 beneficiaries, so those with human kids that are doing my School, you can still support the school


If you currently have your kids school on as a beneficiary you will need to note the school again, otherwise they will take them off


For beneficiary details please note the following:-

1)      Beneficiary name – Beagle Welfare

2)      City / Region – National


Children’s details NA


Of course we need as many supporters as possible to help us get a steady monthly donation income from this program. Now I know this may sound all about the money, but we all know beagles cost a lot.

Majority of beagles coming into the system need to be sterilised, vaccinations up to date, micro chipped, dewormed and given tick and flea protection, not to mention fed for the 1 – 3 weeks whilst they are in our care.

To give you an idea money wise what the average is for one beagle that comes through our system:-

Sterilisation – R500

Vaccination – R150

Microchip – R200

Deworming – R35

Tick and Flea – R200

Food – currently being sponsored by Hills


As you can see the adoption fee does not always cover all these costs, also beagles outside GTN do not get sponsored food and we have to buy, sometimes we do opt for the cheaper tick and flea but prefer to ensure our beagles get the best of everything. From food to vet care to the Love from their fosters.


Of late we have also received a few beagles that have required additional surgeries or health care

Milo – R1 000+ eye surgery and meds for eye, hind dew claws removed and growth off anus removed

Eddie – R3 000 tumours removed from his abdomen (thankfully benign) and now he is going back on Monday to have his mouth looked at as there seems to be a growth there as well as a tooth or two causing him problems

Basil – R3 000+ Heart condition and Addisons, he is also a long term foster until such time as we can find someone to care for him. We have his condition under control and in a few weeks he will go back for a 2nd load of blood tests to ensure the meds really are working. His meds cost about R500 per month so if anyone is interested please shout


As soon as we have 50 signatures we will be able to finalise all


Look forward to getting those applications in, please share it with friends and family as the more supporters the more we can do for the beagles. Our biggest dream is to open our own shelter, without cages (but we will have a few runs for the beagles that need rehabilitation) help us achieve that dream


Kind Regards


Jenna Leigh Pearman-White


Beagle Welfare



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