Beagle Welfare now a MySchool Beneficiary and other news

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Beagle Welfare are officially MySchoolCard beneficiaries 


For those of you who are receiving this for the first time, Please may we ask that you go onto and either apply for a myschoolcard or add/change your beneficiary to include Beagle Welfare


I also would love if you could forward this on to friends, family, co-workers. You can have up to 3 beneficiaries so children’s schools or other organisations can still be 1 of their beneficiaries if they want. The more people we have swiping the more money Beagle Welfare will have to help the beagles in need. Our dream is so big but I know we can achieve it, as we have a super strong community to help us get there


We at Beagle Welfare have been extremely honoured by the support we have had thus far, and we hope to continue to grow. The more support we have the more we can help the beagles. At this stage we are still working out kinks to our newsletter, but hope to send out issue two shortly. Once we have all the foundations in place all should go much more smoothly


If you know of anyone else wanting to become a member, please send them the link:-



As you know I have been trying really hard to make this rescue organisation all it can be, so that we have the resources to help beagles, without begging for money at every turn.


Since we started April 2016 we have achieved the following:-

1)      Sponsorship from Hills, Bravecto, PawPaw Insurance and now MySchoolCard

2)      We have got our NPO and NPC and have applied for our Section 18A, which should be approved in the next month (so hoping October 2016 we will have it)

3)      We have successfully rehomed 40 beagles

4)      We currently have over 50 contributing members, that help us achieve our goal of helping the beagles


Our goals for next year:-

1)      Attend WODAC and other events to get our name known

2)      Have all our foundations in place to ensure all operations run smoothly, at the moment we are still coming across a few kinks

3)      Work hand in hand with Beagle breeders to keep the upkeep of not only the breeds standard but their overall health

4)      Educational seminars (Already in the works ‘Know your Beagle Better Day’)


Of course all this is done whilst still maintaining our main goal of rehoming beagles, or assisting owners on how to better cope with their beagle


We really would appreciate any and all support, please see the email below for more details on making BW your beneficiary and becoming a member


Kind Regards


Jenna Leigh Pearman-White

jenlipw (AT)



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  1. Jenny de Swardt says:

    Hi do you perhaps know about a scam with beagles? This lady Madam Smit is from Upington and I just want to make sure?

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