Review 7 June Hunt & Breakfast

Yesterday we met up for another beagle hunt and a social get together afterwards for boerewors rolls and a chat.

It is getting colder every week and waking up is getting more difficult every time! Some of us have more trouble with the early mornings than others. While most of us arrived on time and properly dressed… Poor Roti seemed to have had a very tough time leaving the comforts of his basket at home, and he arrived in his Pyjamas! Can you believe it 😉
Trevor kept trying to convince us that Roti was actually wearing his “Racing Silks” but we know better! – I mean, seriously – that face has “EMBARRASSED” written all over it! 🙂 hee hee!

Roti looking all embarrassed in his PJs

Roti looking all embarrassed in his PJs

Every week seems to set a new record with the number of beagles! Again, we had between 45 and 50 beagles! Some new faces again, which is always nice… especially when the new faces are in the form of a super cute 8 week old puppy called Zoe

8 week old Zoe

8 week old Zoe

Another new face, was this one… although we weren’t too sure how he fitted into the mix at the “BEAGLE Hunt” … oh well 🙂

I hope no one notices I'm not a Beagle!

I hope no one notices I'm not a Beagle!

The hunt went well… with some long tough lines. The new dogs who have joined us this season are continuing to do rather well. The beagles did much better with the terrain than we did – their legs are so much shorter than ours, but they have so much more energy than we do – running and running and running through the veld!
Look how exhausted Charlie looks

Afterwards the guys braaied wors for all of us, and we tried our best to keep all the greedy beagles out of our food! I also did a few sales of T-shirts, stickers, flasks and badges from the BeagleShop (remember a portion of proceeds is donated to charity!)


Thanks to Jane for organising the meat, rolls, plates etc. Everyone seemed to have a good time!

It was the last time we’ll be seeing Leanda for a while – she is due to have her baby girl in 3 weeks! We wish her and Gary all the very best! Can’t wait to meet the little girl! (or at least see some photos!)

Our next hunt is on Sunday 21 June at 8am… sign up here

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  1. Craig Smith says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Beagles are very cute dogs.

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