First JHB Hunt of 2011 – 3 April

WOW!!! This was an absolute new record! We had about 75 beagles come to the hunt! SEVENTY FIVE! The amount of people and beagles was just absolutely phenomenal!
Jane and Dana had the registration table set up and everyone was queuing to fill in forms and get a temporary bib etc… Jane, Dana, THANK YOU for your hard work sorting this out!

(click on any picture to enlarge it!)

It was great to see the familiar faces and fabulous to meet lots and lots of new beagles and their people! Our huntmaster, Shaw, gave a run down of how the hunt works, and explained the rules to the new people before he set off to lay the line.

We have never had such a huge amount of people before, and when we lined up for the release, the line just went on and on and on and….!

I must say another big thank you here to the group – thank you for your co-operation! Very often, with so many new people, it is quite chaotic and noisy (your first reaction when you let your dogs go for the first time is to shout and cheer them on – which is the opposite of what you should do!) … Everyone remembered the rules and the lines went off exceptionally well! Thanks guys 😀

The grass was really long, but it didn’t seem to bother the beagles in the least! They all had an absolute blast!

Some of the beagles had gotten fancy new bibs for the 2011 season!

Here we have Poppadom and Roti (or “Rotadom” as they are collectively known!) bringing disco back into style with their blingy new bibs:

Harry and Oscar were blindingly bright in ther lumo spandex “Borat” bibs – here is Oscar striking a pose:

Rebel and Pippen looked very beautiful in their Polka dot bikini inspired bibs – complete with a feminine frill around the waist! Too cute! Rebel shows of her new bib:

Snoopy and Penny have new blue and pink bibs, in the cutest Snoopy material!

*Will have to get a photo next time – our official photographer (and Snoopy & Penny’s mom) didn’t get a picture of them!!* They looked very cute, so look out for them in 2 weeks time!

Purdy and Bella also have new bibs for 2011 – very stylish Eastern inspired bibs – looking good, girls!

We welcomed some new beagles who posed for photos…

Toby hiding in the long grass

And Horatio came along to his first hunt too!

Daisy was back for her first season as an adult beagle…

Blake was back, and in good form too!

And Lucy was happy to be back in action again (Lucy was the winner of the Top Ten Challenge of 2010 – so keep an eye on her, in her denim dungaree bib!)

Brothers Ralph and Bart were back again, they are still trying to figure out WHY they have to run at top speed through the veld when they can hang with the humans instead!

It was a very hot morning, and we and the beagles are rather unfit (or at least me and my beagles are!) so it was quite exhausting!

We were really happy to get back to the cars, and tuck into the delicious breakfast our awesome chefs prepared for us. Can you imagine cooking a full breakfast for 60-odd people in the veld!? No taps, no kitchen, no electricity! The food was absolutely delish! Scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese griller, chipolatas, fried mushroom, onion and cherry tomatoes AND croissants! YUM YUM!! to our chefs, Trevor and Dilene, thank you SO much for your hard work and preparation for us! And thanks to all who contributed extra skottels and plates and offered their services to be “sous chefs” for the morning – it was just splendid!

Our fabulous Chef, Dilene:

Mouthwatering mushrooms, onion and tomatoes:

Blake’s family getting stuck in:

Breakfast time!

Bart & Ralph‘s family enjoying the spread – dad is really enjoying his breakfast! 😉

And of course, what would a beagle breakfast be without the beagles enjoying the leftovers!! Scrambled eggs went down well with the pack!

It was such an enjoyable morning, I bet all 75 beagles had the best afternoon nap and slept like logs last night!

Our next hunt is on 17 April at 7am… hope to see you all back again!

Once again, A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who made the hunt run so smoothly! Jane, Dana, Carmel with the admin and money collections, Shaw and his group walking upfront and keeping score as all the dogs came in, Trevor for keeping the people under control and organising the lines, Peter for heading up the search party for the random beagles who went off on their own mission, Trevor and Dilene for their hard work for the breakfast, Carmel for all the photos… and for the group, for their passion for their dogs and everyone’s co-operation in making the morning a HUGE success!! Thank you!

Oh, and remember our raffle we are running to raise some cash for the club…! Our first raffle is for a cake from Salon de Culinaire – you now know that our chefs know what they are doing, and the cake WILL be fantastic! Tickets are R20 each, payable to Jane at the hunts. The cake is worth R800, and is to be collected from Salon de Culinaire in Fourways. A 2 week lead time is needed.

Here is an example of a cake Dilene has made – this is what you could be winning!

Oh, if you would like to order a bib for your beagle, please email me ( ) and I will arrange one for you for the next hunt. If you would like to make your own, please feel free, but remember that your beagle’s NUMBER needs to be clearly marked on the bib… if you do not yet have a number assigned to you, please email me and I will allocate one to you.


see you all next time!

Happy Beagling!


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