Photos from JHB 1 april hunt

After a very big orientation morning last month, our first official Gauteng Hunt took place last week Sunday… there were about 70 beagles! Which is an amazing number!

Bentley and Royce were back again!


Bernie took it upon himself to welcome the babies…


There were definitely less beagles who went “missing” at this hunt… but between Tigger and Zozo, our poor search and rescue team had their hands FULL!!


A few of the new beagles finished the lines, which was awesome to see! Despite little Zozo doing so many disappearing acts, she finished a few lines, which was awesome!


Zozo finishing the last line:

Well done to the “oldies” who showed them the way… particularly Poppadom, Roti, Roger, Blake, Maya, Oscar, ZoeC, Fonzi etc…

The first hunt of the season also unveiled the new bibs for 2012… some people really put a lot of thought into their beagles bibs! Remember that if you DO make a special bib, it must not hamper your dog at all when he is running the lines!

Pippen got a pretty red tartan bib:


Poppadom (and Roti!) got bumblebee inspired bibs (check back next time to see a pic of their wings!)


Blake has a shiny silver rockstar bib (he says rockstar, we say East Rand! … just pulling your paw, Blakey…! We love you! )


Oscar (and Harry) were sporting their new stripey bibs … here is Oscar in his orange striped bib…


Rumour has it that Harry chose his blue striped bib as he heard that stripes were slimming!

Harry sniffing his way to the finish line


Some of the hounds racing to the finish line


Lisa was there looking as beautiful as ever:

And Lilo also looking gorgeous!


We we thrilled to see Lucy & Benjamin again! They were part of the Gauteng hunts, but have moved down to KZN with their mom & dad, and are now part of the KZN hunts! Lucy & Benjamin came along to the Gauteng hunt, and said we will see them every now and then! 🙂 We hope they bring some KZN friends with them in the future!


ZoeC had a very good hunting day! (must be the extra purple butterflies embroidered onto her bib!


The beagle club of Gauteng just wants to thank everyone for their co-operation at the hunts… we felt that this hunt went really well, even though the group was really big, and we had a lot of new people! Thank you for familiarising yourselves with the rules, and keeping them in mind throughout the morning. The only hiccup we found was that it takes a REALLY long time to scent all 60-70 beagles… we have a few things planned that we are going to try… but special thanks to Nic for scenting all the beagles… it can’t be an easy task getting around to all 70 dogs!

Also thanks to Shaw and the rest of the team for walking up front and laying the trail… you guys are awesome! Thank you!!


After the hunt, we were treated to a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage, mushrooms, croissants and muffins! What a spread! We were all starving, and polished off every last scrap! Delicious! Thank you so much to Trevor and Dilene, our fabulous chefs for preparing such a feast for us! Also thanks to those who stepped in and helped cook!




what a fabulous morning out in the veld with our dogs and friends!


Remember to diarise the dates of the hunts!


See you guys next time!

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  1. Carmen Tietjens says:

    Thanks Tanya for putting together such a lovely site 🙂 I am seriously beagle obsessed and soooo looking fwd to Harley completing his first line next weekend (go Harley). Do you by any chance have a pattern for a bib or some tips (Want to kit him out in Harley Davidson) LOL!
    Enjoy you Easter Monday.

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