JHB Hunt Review & Pics – 6 May

Our hunt on Sunday was well supported again, with just over 50 beagles in attendance. We had 3 or 4 new beagles too.

The morning went well, and the new dogs of 2012 are really getting into the swing of things! Harley is completing all his lines, Biff is still doing really well, Bentley & Royce have got it down too… it’s great to see the new beagles doing so well, and the Top Ten is going to be really interesting this year!


Royce & Bentley with their proud parents

Harley’s mom is obviously very creative, as she made him a different bib! With a “Proud Owner” badge on!


Dexter and Maya were back for some fun and fresh air


Jessi was at the hunt, looking very pretty


And speaking of pretty, how gorgeous is Brandy’s new polka dotted bib! too cute!


Little Atalanta was also there


Charlie watching the lure…

Maximus was having a great time – look at that smile!

Nelson was howling as he watched the lure being dragged off.

Roger looking rather exhausted after all the running

Rolo and Ciro came along for a run around and to test their new bibs out


A few pics of the line and the release…:




After the hunt, we were treated to a delicious Burrito Breakfast! Thanks to our fabulous chefs for the food – it was delicious as usual!


Zoe C found a shady spot and had a rest while breakfast was prepared

And of course, what would breakfast be without feeding our starving beagle hounds!?


Oscar went to town on the scrambled egg spoon

Pots and skottels were licked clean by the greedy beagles!


Thanks to everyone who organised the hunt, walked up front, supplied and cooked breakfast – it was a lovely morning as usual.


On the note of breakfast… we had about 10 people who has rsvp’d yes to breakfast, but either didn’t stay for breakfast (and in turn, didn’t pay) πŸ™ Which in turn left a lot of wastage on the food… of course, the beagles didn’t mind, but it does leave our chefs out of pocket. We don’t make much of a profit on the breakfasts… where else can you get such a good meal for just R35 per person…? Guys, if you have responded yes, we are going to cater for you, and we do need to be paid for the meals made… We do understand if you have run into a family crisis etc and are unable to make it – but having 10 out of 50 people not pitch wasn’t great.

Thanks for your understanding… we hope we won’t land up in a situation like this again. πŸ™‚

4 Responses to “ JHB Hunt Review & Pics – 6 May ”

  1. Karen says:

    … oh how I miss those breakfasts! What is that I see growing on Gavin’s face? I almost didn’t recognise him!

  2. Peter says:

    was super cool
    thanks guys πŸ™‚

  3. Carmen Tietjens says:

    Thanks for an awesome day…….Harley is counting the sleeps till the next one πŸ™‚

  4. Francois says:

    My girlfriend and i love beagles we also have a girl hr name is Leah she is very cute but naughty< they are lovely dogs and are also interested in doing the Beagle Cape run with her

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