Blanket Drive at WESTERN CAPE hunt on Sunday

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Hi Guys,


there will be a blanket {etc} drive on Sunday at the WESTERN CAPE hunts… Nicola Momberg will be handling all collections and donations.

Proceeds to go to   Cassandra Bright Rescue … anything dog or cat related – from blankets, bowls, dog/cat food, collars, leads, dog toys etc. Anything you have to spare, or old items you and your beagles don’t need anymore.


Enjoy your hunt!

One Response to “ Blanket Drive at WESTERN CAPE hunt on Sunday ”

  1. Shaun says:

    This Cassandra Bright is all but clueless. I’ve personally seen about 18 kittens and cats kept in a bird cage in her back yard. She has 5 dogs and tortoises that end up in the swimming pool. She her self is lazy as her mother ends up taking care of all the creatures she either “rescues” or steels.
    Her intentions are occasionally credible but she is a very bad animal keeper and owner

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