Hi Beaglers
Sadly, the hunt season is coming to an end. We’ve all had lots of fun and its been so rewarding
to see how much Beagles enjoy hunting and working together as a pack. No animals are
harmed during the ‘hunts’ which would probably be better described as a ‘run’ or ‘race’.  Our
hunt master takes up to 20 minutes to lay each scent line (canned pilchards) and the beagles
literally follow the scent at great speed in seconds. Their howls of joy and excitement are totally
contagious.  Remember, a tired beagle is a well behaved happy beagle.
This Sunday, 1st Sept, is the 2nd to last hunt of the season and will be held at Fairview Farm, Oribi.  The last
hunt will be held on Sunday 6th Oct at Lake House near Midmar Dam.
If you would like to join us on Sunday, please RSVP to or on our Facebook page KZN BEAGLES.  The hunt starts at 8am and is finished KZN Beagle club logo-02by 10am.  We will be serving boerewors rolls after the hunt.
If your pup is less than 10 months old, and not old enough to hunt, you are still welcome to join us.
It’s a great opportunity to socialise your pup with the pack. Fairview Farm is a really beautiful place
and the drive through the gorge is so worthwhile.
Please bring collar, lead, water for your dog and drinks for yourself.  Also proof of rabies inoculations
if you haven’t done so already. We suggest you wear comfortable walking shoes.
Please join our group on Facebook KZN BEAGLES.
Looking forward to seeing you all.
083 687 0147

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