KZN hunt dates 2014

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The KZN beagles have finalised the dates for their third hunt season.Our hunts are held either in the Natal Midlands or on the Oribi Flats outside Port Shepstone.  the hunts consist of 5 lines which are laid over a distance of between 500m and 1km per line.  The total hunt takes between 2 and 3 hours.

Our hunts start at 08:00, with registration from 07:30.  Each dog that participates in the hunts needs to ear a racing bib with their name and allocated race number clearly visible on the bib.  If your dog does not have a race number yet, please contact Karen at  You can make your own bibs or purchase them from Tanya on this website 

Ember's bib is a good example of how a racing bib should look.  See how clear her number and name are.  It makes it easy for the scorers to know who has finished the lines

Ember’s bib is a good example of how a racing bib should look. See how clear her number and name are. It makes it easy for the scorers to know who has finished the lines

In order to cover the costs of the hunts, we request a nominal contribution of R100 per family for the season, or R25 per hunt if you would prefer to make payment that way.  This can be paid to either Kelley or Karen at the hunts.


Please remember to bring your racing bibs, leads as well as enough water for your dogs and yourself.  As the hunts are run in natural forest and grass lands, it is important to treat your dogs for ticks and fleas ahead of the hunts.

The dates and venues for the hunts are as follows:

Sunday 6 April 2014         –     Orientation hunt      –  Forest House, Dargle

Sunday 11 May 2014         –     Hunt                           –   Lake House, Dargle

Sunday 22 June 2014       –     Hunt                           –   Fairview Farm, Oribi Flats

Sunday 27 July 2014        –     Hunt                           –   Fairview Farm, Oribi Flats

Sunday 31 August 2014   –     Hunt                           –   CROOKS HOUSE, Dargle

Sunday 28 September     –     Hunt                            –  Lake House, Dargle

Sunday 12 October 2014 –     Prizegiving                 –  Hillhouse, Darge

We are also planning to go up to Gauteng for their hunt on the 15th June 2014, to show them what we are made of, and to see how the hunts up there are done.  It would be great if a whole group of us could go up and join them.

If you are not sure what hunts are about, here are some pictures of our hunts in 2013.  As you can see the dogs have a wonderful time, and are guaranteed to be tired out for at least a day …

Getting ready to start on of the lines at Forest House.

Getting ready to start on of the lines at Forest House.


Having a quick swim while waiting for the next line to be laid

Having a quick swim while waiting for the next line to be laid


Yummy pilchards after the hunt

Yummy pilchards after the hunt


Spot the beagles on the ridge!

Spot the beagles on the ridge!


Hope to see you there!


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  1. Douw Kruger says:

    Hi there, I live in Kimberley but would really like to go down for one of your KZN events. Is it possible to go for only one or two events seeing you work on a point system? I only want to enter for the fun of it..

    Kind regards

    Douw Kruger

  2. Ruben says:

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  3. Michal says:

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