Buy ExSpot online!

Hi beaglers – our sister site online store, BeagleShop now stocks ExSpot – control for flies, ticks and fleas!

Head on over to to order!


Remember a portion of ALL profits from BeagleShop are donated to Beagle Rescue.


R70 each… plus R30 for postage in SA

One treatment will last a dog under 15kg for TWO MONTHS


One treatment will last a dog over 15kg for TWO MONTHS


Treating against ticks is very important – particularly if you take part in the scent hunts, or are out and about in long grass etc with your beagle.


ExSpot - Spot on for Dogs. Control against flies, ticks and fleas

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  1. Antonello says:

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    sergiule am fotografii despre zona noastra…spunem ce te-ar interesa si iti trimit…Inn ceea ce priveste articolul despre satele romanesti de “paste apa”…oglindesc realitatea care este acolo…Bv si tine tot asa..daca ai nevoie de ajutor stii unde ma gasesti 😉

  16. http://www./ says:

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