Gauteng Scent Hunt Prizegiving Dinner

We have secured a date and venue for our Gauteng Beagle Prizegiving and dinner… if the last few years are any indication, you don’t want to miss out!

The invites have been emailed out… if you haven’t received yours yet (and you think you should have!) please email us :)

RSVP and payment to Jane

We look forward to it!

See past events here:

2014 @ Da Vinci Sandton
2013 @ Sandton Sun
2012 @ Kloofzicht in Muldersdrift
2011 @Billy G’s in Montecasino
2010 @ Sandton Town & Country in Lonehill
2009 @ Woodmead Country Club




15 Responses to “ Gauteng Scent Hunt Prizegiving Dinner ”

  1. Karen says:

    It is so funny looking at the older photo’s – wow how everyone has changed! Thanks for the post Tanya

  2. Kunal says:

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