KZN Season Results for 2012

After a wonderful first season of hunting in KZN we held our prizegiving at Forest House on 13 October 2012.

Thanks to Nick and Mandy for allowing us to disturb their peace and tranquility with the hounds baying and yapping as they got used to how to hunt.

Even though we have had a small pack this year, we certainly know that our hounds have had a great time and look forward to having them all back, with some new friends next year.

Here are our results – well done to everyone!

1st place:          Lucy                1093 points

2nd place:        Benjamin       1062 points

3rd place:        Francesca         643 points   Also our “Most Promising Newcomer”

4th place:        Gizmo                 417 points

5th place:        Ember                 342 points

6th place:        Roti                      299 points


7th place:       Poppadom         286 points

8th place:       Pippen                  234 points



9th place:      Peaches                 203 points

10th place:   Storm                      144 points

11th place:    Buddy                     140 points

12th place:   Freddy                    110 points

13th place:   Ella (Chardonnay) 43 points

14th place:   Trigger                        24 points

Here are some pictures of our hounds and very proud owners:

Buddy and his mom Natalie
Ember wondering what all the fuss is about
Our “Most Promising Newcomer” Frankie with her mom Kelley and our “Head Chef” Bruce
Gizmo with Harold and Lesley
Our “Top Beagle” Lucy with her superb trophy sponsored by the Gauteng Beagle Club – thanks guys!